Ready to seriously grow your blog traffic, community & income?

In this free four-day blogging course, you'll learn how to:

  • Set up your profitable blog foundation (the vital step many bloggers skip!)
  • Stand out in the crowded blogging space (it is possible!)
  • Increase your traffic (no tech required!)
  • Grow your email list (with *targeted* subscribers!)
  • Nurture your subscribers into raving fans (who take the actions you want them to!)
  • Create products and promote affiliate offers your audience actually buys (no spam required!)
  • Automate your email strategy to continue bringing in profits (even when you're away from your laptop!)
  • And more!

Each day, a new video training will publish. Here is the schedule:

free travel blogging course
Video #1: Setting Up Your Blog’s Highly Profitable Framework

If you build a house with a shaky framework, it will not stand.

And the same goes for your blog.

In this training video, we’ll make some simple but powerful tweaks to ensure your blog is set up in a way where it *can* truly profit and attract a community.

free travel blogging course
Video #2: Crafting Your Highly Profitable Content Strategy

Once you’ve got your framework set up, it’s time to build on it with the *right* materials.

(If you’re not getting my house-building analogy, I’m talking about uber valuable content).

So many bloggers simply churn out content, not really understanding what they should be publishing in order to see blog growth.

If you’ve ever lamented the amount of time you put into a blog post just to hear crickets, we’ll fix that in this training.

growing a travel blog
Video #3: Growing Your Community With The *Right* People

Just like you want to publish the *right* content, you want to attract the *right* people.

Here’s the thing: It doesn’t matter if you have 100 Instagram followers or 100,000; or if you have a tiny list or a humongous one.

What really matters is *who* these followers and subscribers are. Because hey, if you have 100,000 people and none of them share your content, read your emails, purchase your products or click your affiliate links, then it doesn’t really matter.

Remember: It’s always better to be *profitable* than *popular*. Always.

make money travel blogging
Video #4: Creating Clever Systems To Increase Income

Take a moment right now, and imagine your email list growing every day with people who genuinely love what you put out into the world. This would be amazing, right?

Here’s the thing: Too many bloggers grow their lists and let them just sit there, barely ever sending out an email.

Then, when they do, their subscribers have basically forgotten who they are, and are likely to hit the unsubscribe button.

I’ll teach you how to stay front of mind for your community.

I'll also share my automated indoctrinate series, a powerful email sequence I use to turn new subscribers into passionate community members -- and customers -- right away.

Keep an eye on section four of your workbook, as it shares some clever systems you can put in place to keep those profits rolling in.

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I've got an accountability challenge for you, too!

If you send me your completed workbook within five days of joining the course, I'll send you a FREE copy of my 41 Ways To Monetize Your Travel Blog With Examples! PDF (shown above).

This PDF is a fan favorite, and I know you'll love it, too.

Hi, I'm Jessie!

Before I was implementing the strategies I teach in this free travel blogging course...

I wanted nothing more than to be able to turn my passion for travel into a career.

But, it was exhausting! Five blog posts per week, days editing photos, and hours crafting social media shares published across way too many platforms left me with little to show.

And when I say "little," I mean I was doing a happy dance if even my mom left a comment on one of my blog posts.

Sure, I was traveling, but I was spending more time searching for WiFi than actually enjoying the places I was visiting.

While I was working longer hours than ever, I was earning almost nothing.

Isn’t freedom from the 9-to-5 supposed to be fun?

So, I changed my strategy (which, let's be real, I never had in the first place).

I analyzed my daily schedule, cut out time-wasting tasks, and focused on what would grow my traffic, community, and income.

Today, I work about half as many hours, but make a full-time salary through my blog.

You don’t need luck to create a profitable blogging business.

You need a clear strategy and a proven action plan that works.

And through the free Travel Blog Makeover, you’ll get just that.

free travel blogging course teacher

Course Curriculum

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  Lesson #1: Setting Up Your Blog’s Highly Profitable Framework
Available in days
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  Lesson #2: Crafting Your Highly Profitable Content Strategy
Available in days
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  Lesson #3: Growing Your Community With The *Right* People
Available in days
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  Lesson #4: Creating Clever Systems To Increase Income
Available in days
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  Bonus: The Next Step You Should Take To See Blogging Success
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