Let's get your traffic growth system in place *without* the usual stress and confusion.

Sick of publishing post after post that doesn't get seen or shared?

Confused about how to actually find keywords that you can rank for?

Frustrated with seeing your Google Analytics stats sit stagnant from a lack of traffic growth?

Let's fix that! :)

Here's the deal: it's not enough to simply write what you feel like, or to simply pop a keyword into Yoast and call it a day.

To really grow your blog traffic, you need a proven action plan.

Which is exactly what this calendar delivers.

It offers *so much more* than just an overview, but instead you'll get a clear and actionable plan broken down for you all in one place.

By the end of the month, you'll known exactly what steps to take to improve your website SEO so that you can rank in organic Google sears results and grow your traffic!

Hey, friend!

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How It Works

SEO Action Plan inclusions
Daily Tasks

Each day, the calendar will assign you a new task and there will be tips for implementation. Tasks build on one another so that by the end of the 30 days, you have a proven SEO strategy that helps to grow your traffic mapped out.

woman excited to grow her blog traffic - image via Pexels and RODNAE Productions
Hit Milestones

Along the way, you'll hit other blog business milestones, too, like creating an SEO-optimized site structure, mapping out an intentional content plan that increases your pageviews, and pinpointing keywords that lead to increased affiliate income.

woman implementing Search Engine Optimization on her website
Implementation Resources

There are loads of bonus resources that will help you set up your SEO strategy for success, like a mini workshop showing you 3 different keyword research strategies, a guest post outreach template, an Annual SEO-Optimized Content Plan Spreadsheet, direct access to me if you have any questions, and more.

woman smiling because her traffic is growing - image via Pexels / Marcus Aurelius

What You'll Accomplish In 30 Days

Along with improving your blog's SEO and growing your organic traffic, completing the calendar's daily tasks can also help you:

Optimize your website for speed & security

Define your niche and do proper niche research

Become an authority in the eyes of your audience & Google

Create an SEO-optimized site structure to help increase your traffic

Find keywords *you* can actually rank in organic search results for

Map out an intentional content plan that leads to traffic growth - even if you're a new blogger

Create an SEO-optimized blog post from scratch

Build backlinks to help your blog get on the first page of search results faster & easier

Use actual data to revive your old content for new traffic

Strategically increase your affiliate earnings for more passive income

And more!

In short, you will learn essential steps for increasing your website traffic and turning your blog into a profitable business!

Did someone say *bonuses*?

The calendar also comes with numerous bonuses meant to make implementing the steps in this SEO strategy easier, like:

Tutorial teaching how to strategically choose a profitable niche you can rank for

Tutorial teaching you 3 powerful keyword research strategies (so you know how to find keywords that can truly grow your traffic)

Content Creation & Promotion Workflow Trello Board (to more easily create content that gets seen and brings more people to your website)

Annual SEO-Optimized Content Plan Spreadsheet (to help you keep your keyword research and content plan organized)

The Great 31-Day Link-Building Challenge PDF (so you can acquire backlinks that help you rank in Google search)

A list of my favorite Facebook groups for link building in the travel niche (to help you grow authoritative backlinks to your site)

Guest Post Outreach Template (so you know exactly what to say when reaching out to top blogs in your niche to write for them)

Top-notch support (via our private student Facebook group as well as a comment section under the action plan calendar to ask questions)

woman grabbing her SEO Action Plan bonuses - photo via Pexels / Sam Lion
female travel blogger on the Brooklyn Bridge

Hi, I'm Jessie!

Before I was implementing the strategy I share in this calendar...

I wanted nothing more than to be able to turn my passion for travel into a career.

But, it was exhausting! Five blog posts per week, days editing photos, and hours crafting social media shares published across way too many platforms left me with little to show.

And when I say "little," I mean I was doing a happy dance if even my mom left a comment on one of my blog posts.

Sure, I was traveling, but I was spending more time searching for WiFi than actually enjoying the places I was visiting.

While I was working longer hours than ever, I was earning almost nothing.

Isn’t freedom from the 9-to-5 supposed to be fun?

So, I changed my strategy (which, let's be real, I never had in the first place).

I analyzed my daily schedule, cut out time-wasting tasks, and focused on what would grow my traffic, community, and income.

Today, I work about half as many hours, but make a full-time salary through my blog.

You don’t need luck to grow your traffic and create a profitable blogging business.

You need a clear strategy and a proven action plan that works.

And through Your 30-Day SEO Action Plan, you’ll get just that.

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woman posing in Brooklyn in front of the Manhattan Bridge
The 30-day calendar provides actionable, step-by-step tasks that bloggers can do to improve their SEO!

So many useful steps are explained, like how to show Google you’re an expert in your niche and how to update old content so that it continues to rank. Plus, lots of extra bonuses and resources come with the course. Jessie even includes days to rest and gives tips on how to tap into your creativity. By Day 30, you’ll have a solid SEO strategy to follow! - Michele DeBella

Alexandra Conner headshot
I really enjoyed the step by step SEO guide from start to finish!

SEO can be super confusing; but, Jessie lays it all out in one 30-day action plan that is clear and easy to follow - even for new bloggers. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to tackle SEO. It was very step-by-step and provided a clear road map which I appreciated. And I loved all of the extra resources! - Alexandra Conner

woman smiling in front of a grey wall
This is a truly comprehensive guide to SEO!

Jessie lays out best practices and tips like a story so you can better develop your own work flow and stick to strategies that work. This guide goes beyond just SEO theory by giving straightforward examples and suggestions for tools. You'll get actionable tasks in this guide without feeling like you have to do additional research. -Kelley Smith

Jina Lee headshot
If you're looking to improve your blog's SEO, I highly recommend Jessie's 30-Day SEO action plan!

It's an actionable and comprehensive guide that covers all the key aspects of great SEO - from nailing your niche and researching keywords to creating backlinks and more. With Jessie's guidance, you'll learn all the key steps necessary to implement good SEO practices and grow your blog.

What's also great about this product is that all the information you need is in one place. Instead of having to search the internet or take multiple courses to figure out what's next in your SEO journey, Jessie has compiled everything you need to know in one convenient plan.

Most importantly, one of the key lessons you'll learn from this course is that SEO isn't just a series of blogging steps, but a mindset to deliver a great user experience for your readers. Jessie's deep knowledge of SEO is evident throughout the course, and her warm and friendly approach makes it accessible to everyone.

If you're a newer blogger just starting your journey, I highly recommend this course so you can learn the skills and mindset you need to grow your blog! - Jina Lee

I love Jessie's SEO Action Plan Calendar!

There is so much information out there on SEO that it can be overwhelming to know where to start, which is why this resource is so great. Not only does it contain everything you need to know to get started implementing a better SEO strategy, it is also organized into an easy-to-action 30-day plan calendar that can be used again and again to continuously optimize your site for SEO. - Michele Granera

Loved how easily digestible each day was! Nothing was overwhelming or too daunting – especially nice if you're a brand new blogger.

Starting out as a new blogger is unbelievably tricky. When I started, I was constantly thrown into hours of confusion by concepts like site speed, DA or – God forbid – SEO.

If I had started out with Jessie's 30 Day SEO Action plan, it would have saved me about a year of fumbling around on WordPress and seeing no results.

This easily digestible SEO guide is broken up into daily tasks (plus pre-scheduled breaks), so there's no more wondering what you should be doing at any given minute to increase your blog's success.

Jessie covers difficult topics in an easy-to-understand manner and, if you do have questions, she's quick to answer them and get you back on track.

I would definitely recommend this guide for new bloggers! - Madison Krigbaum

Here's The Truth

Traffic is an essential ingredient when it comes to increasing your blogging income.

The thing is, to actually grow your pageviews you can’t simply write whatever you want.

Instead, you need to be strategic.

While this may sound daunting, the good news is there are proven steps you can take to improve your SEO and see those site visits soar.

And in this action plan, I’m going to walk you through those steps so that you can feel good knowing the content you work so hard on is getting seen - which can also help you grow your revenue streams.

The best part?

This action plan lays out a repeatable workflow you can continue doing month after month to continue growing your traffic!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What makes this calendar unique?

It's focused on helping bloggers grow their traffic consistently and sustainably.

Not only does this calendar come with premium support, but it'll walk you through optimizing your website for Search Engine Optimization and growing your traffic.

The goal:

That by the end of the month, you've mapped out — or even fully set up — a powerful SEO action plan that can continue to bring you traffic month after month.

Q: Does this action plan work for newbie bloggers?

Yes! In fact, the beauty of grabbing this product as a new blogger is you'll know how to get setup for SEO success from the beginning - vs having to go back later and update all of your content (which is a huge pain!).

Additionally, I've added a few pages to the eBook specifically for newbie bloggers. You'll find these after the calendar section of the eBook.

Q: Is this an eBook, a course, or something else?

It's a bit of everything! The main piece of content is an eBook (with instructional video) that includes a monthly calendar. This calendar gives you daily actions to take as well as tips and links for implementation.

At the end of the eBook, there are also additional tips to help you see success.

There is also a course aspect as you'll find implementation bonuses — like a tutorial showing you 3 powerful keyword research strategies — and you'll get top-notch support in case you have any questions as you move through the action plan.

Q: Do the included videos have captions?

Yes, all included videos have captions that can easily be turned on or off depending on your preference.

Q: Is there a way to get support if I have questions while implementing the action plan?

Yes! There are 3 ways to get support:

  • Private student Facebook group
  • Direct email access to me
  • Comment section in the tab where you download the eBook ← this is the best place to ask questions as I'll see them right away *and* others can learn from the responses too

Q: What happens once I purchase?

Once you purchase, you'll receive a confirmation email from Teachable that includes a link for you to log in to the "course" (which is really the calendar ebook, instructional video, and bonuses).

You'll also receive a welcome email from me ([email protected]) — so please make sure you opt-in to receive emails to ensure you receive all of the necessary information.

Q: Who is this product meant for?

Bloggers looking to understand and properly implement Search Engine Optimization on their site and grow their traffic.

Even if you're a new blogger, this product will help you map out your SEO strategy to grow your traffic faster and easier.

Q: Do I need to be in the travel niche like you?

Not at all! The strategy taught in this action plan applies to all bloggers, regardless of their niche.

Only one bonus pertains specifically to travel bloggers, and that is the list of my favorite Facebook groups for link building.

Q: What is the refund policy?

I would never want you to be unhappy! Due to the downloadable nature of this product it is non-refundable; however, if you are unhappy for any reason please contact me at jessie@jessieonajourney and I'll do my best to make it right.

Q: I still have a question! Can I contact you?

Of course! You can contact me at [email protected].

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